The Wonderful World of Unicorns - Good Mood Sparkle

Once upon a time, two little unicorns were walking in the land of creativity and glitter. One day they decided to unite their powers and their hooves to spread joy, good mood and glitter all around them.

No sooner said than done, 2 months later they were taking part in their first Christmas market in 2017.


Camille, the Blond Unicorn

With a background in manual labour, Camille always enjoyed being creative. She taught herself to sew and worked on her baking skills. She founded the blog Cupcakes, Macarons et Paillettes dedicated to baking. In the world of Good Mood Sparkle she's the one creating all the decorative objects.

Alexia, the Brunette Unicorn

Passionate about homemade cosmetics and especially about the ingredients that go into it, Alexia created her first artisan cosmetic company in 2010. After a couple of professional detours and the creation of her blog, she came back to her initial passion, making cosmetics. She now creates cosmetics that are full of freshness and glitter for all of you unicorns.

We wish you a fantastic trip in our beautiful world full of glitter and good mood !